We view Jeans name pop up time and time againfor heraffordable, miniature fashion. We love how useful her hints are with regards to petite sizing let she shoots her indoor images by herself, on a tripod! But looking in her inspirational outfits and picture ideal way of life, that you might have to disagree that it is extremely fabulous. Penny Pincher Fashion became synonymous with style on a budget. Kimberly is famous for her cupboard creativity and her innate capacity to stretch her bucks. (And were feverishly taking notes. Serious applause to this bilingual, edgy chic Miami street fashion blogger, who sites in both English and Spanishand has a few knockout photography.

While she does splurge on investment pieces like designer shoes, Tiffany spends the rest of her budget modestly and wisely, opting for pieces from budget favorites like H&M and J.Crew. We love the way she teaches her viewers on where to spendand whereto save. Hailing from Atlanta, this Southern stylist has some significant styling tricks up her sleeve. Her posts are more than just fun to look at, theyll change the way you see your closet too! 10.